About Us

Ultrasonic, Industrial washing machines, ultrasonic washing machines and plating units

20 year old fund of knowledge and experiences about industrial machines and plating units, this is a foundation which is focussed on presenting the most economic , appropriate and correct solutions.

It transfers ınformations and experiences which is constituted with esteemed institutions that we provide service both in domestic and abrad. Beside being a company producting machines, our customer-driven service firm works to poduce solutions needed by any segment.

We will doubtlessly have a suggestion for you about ultrasonic washing, sensitive washing, pressurised system spray washing units and plating units.

You produce... We Clean...

How do we do a machine?

  • Etude: Necessities made by the project content in the stage of offer and after is revealed.
  • Project Design: With recruitment of the data, according to an alternative solution, choices of draf designs and equipments to be used is made.
  • Designing: Choosing the most appropriate one through the alternatives, detailed designing is made and perodically , meetings are hold with the customer abut designing. If need, additions are made according to th customer’s suggestions.
  • Simulations: If there is unachievable points according to the project’s condition, it’s modelled with simulation help amd continued through realistic approaches.
  • Production: After designing , with customer approval, the manufacturing process starts. According to washing sensivity and time limit, the process is followed.
  • Pre-acceptance: Testing are made with coming of the samples, if there is ,revisions are realized.
  • Setup: With customer shipment approval, the system’s made setup to the planned place.
  • Comissioning: According to installation requirements, arrangements are done with new trials, the last process starts. If need, chemical process help is provided.
  • Education: After giving necessity educations to the system operators and individual responsible, the last acceptance process is completed.
  • Maintenance: To the project criterias, under guarantee , needed care process is followed.

The gold rule is this: There is no gold rule... No care, no perfect result.The quality occurs result of a mind, work, effort and is a moral philosophy.